2018 objectives

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2018 objectives

Postby Lesley Niyori » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:00 pm

Not resolutions, I'm talking about things I plan to do, regardless.

Ok, this week coming, it's the dentures. Finally. Monday receive dentures, Friday extractions, and fit dentures (same day).

Had hoped to have this done late 2016 early 2017. Had expected GRS to be early 2017 too. But GRS was delayed and delayed and delayed. Dentures kept keeping put off till after GRS. Well GRS is so last year now.

But, after the dentures, then what?

The only thing that actually matters to me in a transition sort of fashion, is getting a nice swimsuit, go swimming, finally, as me, the all-girl me. The whole process, ladies change room, finally, no hassle, nothing to hide after all. Because butt naked, I am clearly female. To anyone that might have doubts. "Gee, she sounds like a guy, but she's clearly a female."

I want to someday end up in a bikini, but that is likely a grueling year-long challenge, just to get close.
But, I know I can at least manage a decent one-piece suit. Just not the 'looks like my mother would wear this' one piece I have in the closet. The only way I'm putting that on, is I have a boyfriend asking me to :)

I've already done the YouTube thing. That managed to get accomplished before 2018 showed up.

I kiiiiinda would like to finally make decent headway on at least one of my book projects :)

I'm pleased with my accomplishments with paintings. I want to see that continue. I want to get in one really decent sale though.

I want to break ground with one new craft. It likely will be cross stitching. I had hoped to make headway on knitting, but it seems to be resisting me.

I have a model challenge I have put to myself. Finish just one model tank to competition grade completion.

Some of this is girlie stuff, and some of this is my tomboy side wanting to prove Lesley isn't 100% icky girlie :)
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Re: 2018 objectives

Postby marie » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:20 pm

I have say I share some of those objectives. Not dentures though.

I would love to do the bikini thing but at my age a one piece is probably the way to go and even that would be tricky. Probably not realistic.

I do need a proper hobby though, maybe even cross stitching. Ironically a long standing hobby of mine did involve model tanks and I have a few tucked away upstairs but I mainly built aircraft models. I think finishing one or two should be a real objective for me. Not to competition grade just my previous shoddy jobs.

I used to paint too and indeed I have a book in mind to write. Don't we all? The best seller. I have already written a couple of chapters.

It's not as if I don't have the time. My current role as housewife and childminder does allow a lot of flexibility. However I really think I need to get to the house in order. I do feel a failure as a housekeeper.

So one objective is to get organised and have a spotless house. With two kids that is a challenge though.

Another objective is to lose weight. I've already, mostly, given up drinking after Christmas and have lost fours pounds already. I want to lose at least 30 pounds. I think eventually I can get back to about 150 pounds and fit a size 14 again, even a 12. (UK sizes)

Plus develop a good skincare regime. I want to look good.

Plus get some sort of job although a friend has already lined me up for something although it involves getting something over from Africa. There may be an adventure there!

No pressure then!
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Re: 2018 objectives

Postby Andina » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:40 am

I wore my first bikini at age 77 and looked a damn sight better than 50% of the women on the beach many of whom should not have been wearing a bikini in the first place.
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Re: 2018 objectives

Postby Lucy-chan » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:42 pm

I'm trying to push myself even more....

Presenting as female in my home town. Which scares the living shit out of me....
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Re: 2018 objectives

Postby AbbyGray » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:39 pm

Umm objectives,
Being fully Abby and keeping the family together is the main one.
Starting HRT would be great to. (need to find a bridging service, as the GC is mid 2019 last time I looked)
Oh and to wear a flowing summer dress while out walking in the countryside this summer if it's warm . Always been wanting yellow, but emerald green suits me better, with a big floppy straw hat. (can't have exposed skin at work, so only jeans. Or full length skirts would be allowed when out. With safety boots on as well, got to show example to the students.
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Re: 2018 objectives

Postby Ashley@Heart » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:58 am

Finish off my name and gender change paperwork. (mostly done, just have to argue with the passport people and deal with my BC which relates to the second on my list.)
Select surgeon(s) and get on "the list(s)" for GCS.
Get the letters clearing me for GCS. With both my insurance and the surgeon.
Buy a nice romantic dress and accessories for a special date.
Finish electrolysis of my face.
Begin electrolysis down there.. for GCS..
Start planning a wardrobe for spring and summer.
Look into options for dealing with my attention issues.
Get out and be social more.
Go hiking with Liam.

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Re: 2018 objectives

Postby CuteButLooksPregnant » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:23 pm

Andina wrote:I wore my first bikini at age 77 and looked a damn sight better than 50% of the women on the beach, many of whom should not have been wearing a bikini in the first place.

I wore a plain black bikini ( of sorts ) for the first time, to The Beach Waterpark on the last day that they were open, i.e., Labor Day. My observation was the same as Andina's. And it seems that I was at a 'break even' situation, that is, half of the women wearing bikinis looked better than me, but the other half were, as Andina says, 'should not have been wearing a bikini in the first place'. Half beat me, but I beat the other half. I can live with that !
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